Gospel City Church is led by a plurality of pastors. We believe the New Testament affirms two offices in the local church, pastors and deacons. Concerning pastors, the Bible uses three interchangeable terms to describe the office of the pastor: pastor, elder and overseer. Our pastors, our elders, restricted to qualified males, shepherd, oversee, and protect the congregation and ministries of the church. they serve together to shepherd GCC by teaching the Word of God, leading and equipping the church for ministry, providing pastoral care, and praying for the church.  

In addition to pastors, other men, called deacons, which means "servants," are appointed to help the pastors by freeing them to devote themselves completely to the ministry of the Word and of prayer. Deacons serve the church by taking care of the material needs of the people and the ministry.


Nick Nikolettos

Scott Andrews

Nick Kritharas

Gerry Andrews


Nathan Wendelborn

Steve Krezos

If there is any way, we can serve you please contact the church office on 75101167 or email office.gospelcitychurch@gmail.com